Chinese Artist’s Job Application to Wes Anderson Is Bizarrely Hypnotic

Grand Budapest Hotel trailers, made from remnants of the set

"Working for Wes Anderson," in some ways an obsessive homage to the award-winning director, also stands on its own as an impressive example of avant-garde artistry.

Chinese media artist Youyou Yang created the trailers below as part of a job application to work for the director. Instead of simply putting together a few spots to show off her filmmaking chops, Yang used scraps and "memories" scrounged from the site of The Grand Budapest Hotel's filming in Görlitz, Germany.

Each of her vignettes ranges from 90 seconds to three minutes, featuring latex-gloved hands performing chemical "experiments" related to The Grand Budapest Hotel or Yang's experience wandering around Görlitz and hitting up the production company for work while Anderson was making the movie.

"The set of four trailers tickles the conventions of traditional film trailers and media publicity in general," she writes on the project's website. "The deviation from the 'notorious' Anderson visual style by conscious design makes clear the gesture of extricating the spirit of the work without replication."

Yang never lapses into parody. There are no Bill Murray montages. Yet, the careful flow and attention to detail feel decidedly Anderson-esque. She ultimately preserves her own artsy, idiosyncratic vision and lets viewers draw their conclusions about what she's trying to say.

If you enjoy the trailers, you might want to check out Yang's unflinchingly weird and wonderful 20-minute opus, "Pre-Invention of a Time Machine," complete with the director wearing horse and unicorn masks and wielding an extremely large pencil. If Anderson won't hire her, maybe David Lynch or Harmony Korine will.


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