A chilly reception

Icepalacequebec_1The upfront is a time media buyers are plied with food, drink and schwag. The Weather Channel is taking the ritual in a slightly different and colder direction on March 12, when it will bring together ad honchos for presentations at Quebec’s Ice Hotel.

The gimmick is to impress on advertisers that The Weather Channel is pretty serious about weather, serious enough to pitch them in frigid conditions. In a promise (or threat), The Weather Channel says it will acquaint advertisers with weather in a “very dramatic way” by spending a night in the 30,000 square foot igloo, sleeping on beds made of blocks of ice. The Ice Hotel says room temperatures rarely dip below 23 degrees. That’s Fahrenheit. Perhaps in a nod to the Geneva Convention, heated bathroom facilities are available.

The Weather Channel has plenty of activities planned to keep its hardy media folks warm, including dogsled races, snowmobiling and, of course, ice-sculpting lessons.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey

Photo credit: Xavier Dachez