A chilling hello from Opera’s Unite software

Opera Software says it's reinventing the Web. That's pretty much what it'll take for the Norwegian company to boost its abysmal browser share (zing!). This week it unveiled Opera Unite, a data-sharing technology that, if the firm's to be believed, turns every computer running the Opera browser into a Web server. That's not many computers, so why bother writing about it? Well, to note the oddly off-key introductory video, which plays like a cross between a grade-school educational film and an Apple iPod silhouette ad gone wrong. Those servers lined up behind the couple in the park are scary. The whole thing has a frosty, foreboding, Big Brother feel, which is fine for depicting the problem (a lifeless world metaphorically stemming from a lack of communications) but does little to illustrate the solution or help viewers like the product. Microsoft's Bing campaign looks brilliant by comparison. Eh, they're a mixed-up bunch in Norway.

—Posted by David Gianatasio