Chilling Agency Video Captures the Utter Horror of Deadlines

Creatives will enjoy this fake movie trailer

If you make anything, literally anything—you know the pressure associated with finishing it. If you don't know what I'm talking about, well, aren't you the portrait of cool? Enjoy that weird bridge you live under, Rumplestiltskin.

Admine, a Greek agency, empathizes—and has created a terrifying yet campy little trailer for a fake film called Deadline, in which the protagonist creatives get hunted and tortured by the evil, evil client. We're not really sure what it's promoting (beyond the agency itself), and frankly not sure it matters. It's a fun take on one agency's view of the industry. 

They've created a microsite that features ridiculous reviews from real organizations. "Scariest shit ever," says The New York Times. "Already a classic," adds

What? OK. Take a look below and see for yourself. 

Via Ads of the World.


Agency: Admine, Thessaloniki, Greece

Creative Director: Nickolas Moustakas

Art Director, Illustrator: Panagiotis Hatzis

Copywriters: Kyveli Kardasi, Silvia Kaffe

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