Children (and Husbands) Still Going Rogue in Walmart's Latest Ads

Having cute kids can be a real pain in the ass. Like when your daughter hilariously glues your brand-new smartphone to the wall of her dollhouse, so her Barbie can have a flat-screen TV. Husbands can also be real gems, undermining your authority by behaving like children and indulging your offspring in video games well past bedtime. So propose a couple of new Walmart spots in The Martin Agency's product-packed conveyor-belt campaign. The series continues to emphasize the brand's role in enabling these somewhat humorous slices of middle-class life. The focus is expanding from household goods to consumer electronics, but it keeps the same general formula. The campaign is a winner, but will it get a little less funny, and feel more like an exercise in hawking, as the number of spots pile up? After the jump, check out two other new spots—a more banal tribute to an Alabama farmer's juice-dribbling peaches, and another illustration of Walmart's price-matching proposition, which attempts to cram as many images of the store's offerings into a 30-second spot as possible.