Chicken flap

Chicken2Burger King is firing up criticism that its “chicken fight” campaign, which features a 12-minute battle between two men outfitted as chickens, promotes the illegal sport of cockfighting.  For one, the Humane Society of the United States asked Burger King to pull the promotion because it makes light of the practice, which is illegal in 48 states. It’s also been derided on some sites as “disgusting, discriminatory, juvenile” and “blatant pandering to newly arrived illegals from Mexico.” One woman was so offended by Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s chicken ads, she wrote, “I have to tell you, you have some pretty sick people doing your marketing.”

Personally, I wonder how you cannot laugh at men in chicken suits. But it’s still hard to separate the bloody sport of cockfighting from this campaign. What else do you think of—besides running to BK for a tasty chicken sandwich—when you see two chickens (albeit fictional, oversized, funny-looking ones) fighting? 

Nonetheless, it has generated buzz, particularly surrounding BK’s DirecTV main event on Nov. 5. Even online bookies like—based in St. John’s, Antigua, naturally—sent out a press release the day before announcing it was taking wagers, with the odds called at 10/13 on Spicy and 10/11 on TenderCrisp. The chicken fight had such a controversial ending, with Spicy’s win with an “illegal” move reversed, that the announcer noted, “I smell a rematch!”

More feathers are going to fly.

–Posted by Eleftheria Parpis