Chicago Blackhawks Get Stanley Cup Ad Without Being in Finals

The Stanley Cup Finals begin Wednesday, with the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks squaring off for the NHL title. But Reebok has a soft spot for the Chicago Blackhawks, who lost to the Canucks three rounds ago—but who still get their very own Finals ad (below). Obviously, since their season is over, the spot—produced in-house by Reebok—focuses on the team's preparations for next year. It shows the Blackhawks players working out in their training facility in their Reebok Speedwick fitness apparel, getting a head start on not being eliminated in the conference quarterfinals next year. In a nice touch, the Stanley Cup program being handed out at the Finals contains a Reebok ad with a code you can scan with your smartphone, which leads to the ad—allowing Bruins and Canucks fans to rejoice that their season is ongoing.

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