Chevy’s ‘Little Red Corvette’ Tribute to Prince Is So Good, It’s Running in Print Too

Ad hits several newspapers Friday

Brand tributes to Prince following his death Thursday at age 57 have been hit or miss. But Chevrolet's Corvette tribute was among the best—a lovely minimalist message from a brand that the singer himself helped to immortalize with the famous song from 1982. 

We saw Corvette's tribute on Twitter. But it turns out it's also running in newspapers today, too. And you know, newspaper ads are still the more "official" venue for this kind of thing.

The ad, created by Chevy agency Commonwealth/McCann, is appearing in USA Today, Detroit News/Free Press, Los Angeles Times, Minneapolis Star Tribune and The New York Times, the agency tells us.

Well done. See the full ad below. Click to enlarge.


Prince Tribute "Little Red Corvette"

Agency: Commonwealth//McCann, Detroit

Creative Chairman: Linus Karlsson

Chief Creative Officer, North America: Gary Pascoe

Executive Creative Director: Bob Guisgand

Executive Creative Director: Duffy Patten

Creative Director, Copywriter: Tony Hossain

Executive Producer: Steve Lyons