Chevy cuts nuclear bomb from Silverado ad

Silverado_1Jalopnik previewed Campbell-Ewald’s upcoming campaign for the Chevy Silverado this week, and saw some interesting imagery in it. Using the tagline “Our country, our truck,” the launch spot featured a new John Mellencamp song played over images of America in the past half century: shots of Vietnam, the towers of light from the World Trade Center site, dirty hippies, etc.—and a mushroom cloud, with kids cowering under their desks. Jalopnik received cleaned-up versions of the ad later in the week, with the mushroom cloud and the 9/11 imagery cut out. Not a bad decision there, considering how they feel about nuclear bombs over in Japan. Jalopnik wonders if the imagery wasn’t “a subconscious reference to a certain rival from the land of the rising sun, which just happens to be launching its own new pickup at the beginning of next year, perhaps?”

—Posted by Tim Nudd