Cheetos Has a 2016 Winter Fashion Collection for Those Who Can’t Get Enough Orange

And yes, you can buy the stuff

Cheetos seems to have figured that if you're wearing their product anyway, they might as well make a wearable collection.

Chester Cheetah himself is said to have designed a new winter fashion line that elevates the typical orange fingers and striped clothing stains you get after eating a bag of Cheetos—all the way to leggings and male onesies.

So, it's not that far of a reach for the brand, which is why you can actually buy the runway for a reasonable price. The Marketing Arm made the campaign happen. 

What impresses me is how much time they spent thinking about their target. Lounging on the couch eating Cheetos? Why not lounge in The Purrrfect Onesie, patterned like Chester and right on the Kigurumi trend all the kids love. Or take a cat nap in the Big Cat Nap Sack. It's literally a sleeping bag shaped like a Cheetos bag.

There are also products that are problem solvers. Tired of that orange dust all over yourself? Wipe your fingers clean with Chester's Toilet Paw-per, or just wear the Flaming Hot Leggings so no one can see your stains of shame. People teasing you that you smell like Cheetos? Own it completely with Cheeteau, a new perfume.

Finally, there's a nod to the fact that Cheetos has heard the jokes you've been making about a certain Cheeto-colored human, and they've released Cheetos Bronzer to give you that vibrant orange glow, while everyone stands by green with envy.

Some of the items are already sold out, so get your holiday hat on for the Cheetos lover on your list and get over there quick. All in all it's the kind of execution that walks the runway between brilliant and so utterly stupid it's brilliant.

I give it two Cheetos-coated thumbs up.

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