Cheese Is Death, Says Grim Reaper Billboard in Wisconsin

Ad assaults Packer fans in Green Bay

Driving a wedge between Wisconsinites and cheese seems like a bad idea. But the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine tries just that with this billboard casting the Grim Reaper as a cheesehead. The sign debuts Monday near Lambeau Field, where the Green Bay Packers routinely send opponents to meet their maker and the team's fans don fromage chapeaus to bug the rest of humanity to death. Copy reads, "Warning: Cheese can sack your health. Fat. Cholesterol. Sodium." Well, duh—that's why we like it. PCRM big cheese Susan Levin says the ad takes such a grave tack because "I'm not interested in candy-coating the situation." Wha? Is she also anti-candy? What are we supposed to eat, vegetables and fruit? Life won't be worth living! The PCRM—whose previous forays into death have included an anti-McDonald's ad set in a morgue—asked Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt to require warning labels for cheese products sold at Lambeau. He politely told the group to go ripen in a cave somewhere. Given the importance of the dairy business to the region's economy, the PCRM should grab a scythe and cut the cheese strategy. It's full of holes. UPDATE: The billboard went up on Monday, but without the Cheesehead (see below)—after the company that owns the trademark on the yellow foam cheese hats threatened legal action.