Checking back with

Last time we stopped by, the site was
down and we grew (just a tad) concerned. Was the long arm of FedEx somehow
involved since it had been pressuring the site’s master, Jose Avila, to take down
his pictures of furniture made out of FedEx boxes? Fortunately, the site is now
back up, including this picture of Jose hard at work at his desk. (Note the
probably-not-coincidental color coordination between Avila’s
shirt, his hair color and the orange of the FedEx boxes that make up his desktop.) Thankfully, the site
outage was just due to server failure and other technical problems. As for the, um, dialogue between FedEx and Avila’s reps at
the Stanford Law Center for Internet and Society, the trail appears to have
gone cold. FedEx’s last letter, charging trademark infringement, was sent last
August per the site. Oh, one other nice touch. We reported months ago that
Dormia had sent Avila a mattress.
The company is now advertising on, along with a company
called Pixellogo.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor