CheapOair Lets the Horrible Puns Fly in New Ads

'Phuket … Let's travel'

Are there still New Yorkers who haven't built up a mental callus to the dense thicket of advertising surrounding them at all times? If so, they might see some pun-derful posters from CheapOair in subways and buses around the city. Taglines from the online travel agency's "Travel the world for less" campaign play on the names of major cities in other countries, with mixed results. "What the Helsinki … Let's travel" is pretty terrible, but "Phuket … Let's travel" is playfully bawdy. If this was England, the Advertising Standards Authority might have a word with them about that one. (For its part, Phuket is used to this kind of thing. Check out the billboard, from the indeterminate past, after the jump.) CheapOair apparently has TV and radio spots to complement the subway and bus ads. I really hope they were written by someone else. Via Adland. David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.