French Magazine Charlie Hebdo Crosses the Line With Gruesome Theresa May Cover


Not cool.

The June 7 issue of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo arrives on the heels of the Manchester and London Bridge terrorist attacks. Indeed, the bubble statement–‘Too much is too much’–comes from remarks made by U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May in the wake of the latter June 3 incidents.

The cover is tasteless. English-language media reaction is just starting to trickle in, but stay car-tooned. There will be lots of it. The cover line, translated, reads as ‘Multiculturalism the English Way.’

From a U.S. perspective, it’s impossible not to think of the wrath that descended upon comedian Kathy Griffin last week for her posed, bloody Trump image shot by Tyler Shields. On the eve of the June 8 British election, the gang at Charlie Hebdo have published a depiction of May that will surely incense many U.K. voters.

P.S. Our improvised hashtag #JeSuisAbassourdi in the sub-headline means: ‘We are thunderstruck.’

Editor’s Note:
The original version of this item included an incorrect translation of the cover line. Fishbowl apologizes for the error.

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