Charles Barkley not trying the Taco Bell diet

A month after insulting America's collective intelligence with its Drive-Thru Diet, Taco Bell is going back to to its roots by rolling out an obese spokesperson for its calorific grub. The fast-food chain started airing new spots over the weekend that feature Charles Barkley, aka the Round Mound of Rebound, extolling the virtues of Taco Bell's NBA $5 Buck Box. Rolling out the former NBA star makes a lot more sense than talking about how Christine Dougherty lost 54 pounds by scarfing down items from the chain's fresco menu. (Results may vary.) Let's hope Christine sticks to the fresco menu. A Volcano Box adds up to nearly 1,400 calories before adding in the medium soft drink—more than the 1,250 calories Christine claims she consumed per day. Barkley is an interesting choice for a spokesman. He's just a year removed from getting picked up for drunk driving and admitting to arresting officers that he was on his way to get … well, not tacos. He's also known for racking up $10 million in gambling losses and once throwing a guy through a plate-glass window.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey