Charge Your Phone or iPod on Vitaminwater's USB Bus-Stop Ads

Crispin Porter + Bogusky is installing USB ports in Vitaminwater bus-shelter ads in Boston, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. So, you get a quick energy boost from the drink, and now your digital devices get juiced while you wait for mass transportation to whisk you off to another soul-killing day in the cube. Awesome! Commenters on Engadget, a nerdy and entertaining lot, use the campaign's debut to probe various facets of our techo-consumer-crazed society. One conspiracy theorist warns, "Public USB slots are like toying with STD's! Does anyone else see the potential of spreading malicious software to mobile devices with these things in the future?" A scatological wag makes the following crack: "Someones gonna put chewing gum—or worse, poo—in them. Then you'll have a pooey USB at home, which will put poo in your PC or laptop, which will transfer it to your USB memory stick. Then you'll make your friends' USBs pooey." Another commenter offers a cheeky solution: "Just get a poop-up blocker." Best of all, someone asks, "How did Boston not think it was a bomb?" Well, it just so happens that I live in Boston. And I fully expect this campaign to bomb. It will quickly vanish, leaving our bus shelters free once more to serve their God-given purpose as repositories for penis graffiti and vitriolic screeds against "the man." Via Creativity.