A chance to laugh with Maradona, for a change, instead of at him

It’s a wonder Diego Maradona, the Argentine soccer legend, is still alive, considering the
amount and variety of drugs he’s ingested over the years. But not only is he
alive—he’s slimmed down and hamming it up in a funny commercial for a popular
Brazilian soda
. In the ad, the camera pans along members of the Brazilian
soccer team, who are singing their country’s anthem before a soccer match.
Suddenly, there’s Maradona, in a Brazil jersey, singing along with them. Soon enough, he wakes up in bed, in his Argentina
jersey, and realizes it was all just a nightmare. “I must have drunk too much
Guarana Antarctica,” he says, eyeing a bunch of empty cans on his nightstand.
It’s an amusing spot, although not everyone in Argentina is seeing the humor in it.

—Posted by Tim Nudd