Celebrate Bush’s demise with useless crap

Sign Low approval ratings can be a path to high profits. Just look at Bush’s Last Day, a seller of seemingly hundreds of different tchotchkes celebrating the countdown to 1/20/09—our current president’s final day in office. The Web site is cleverly put together. It pretends to feel lefties’ pain (“Together we can minimize the damage of this administration and ensure that a positive change begins on Bush’s Last Day”), when all it really wants, of course, is to sell tons and tons of crap. And it is quite a selection: hats, bumper stickers, buttons, clocks, greeting cards, magnets, mugs, golf balls, “countdown clock keychains,” T-shirts, wristbands, hoodies, even “Bush Biskits” for your dog (slogan: “I didn’t vote for him either”). A portion of proceeds will go to groups including Greenpeace, and they’ll need it when all this junk ends up in the landfills.

—Posted by Tim Nudd