Cee Lo Green Creates a Purrfect Meow Mix Remix With His Cat

Man and beast rethink famous jingle

Cee Lo Green and his Persian cat Purrfect have remixed the famous and recently revived Meow Mix jingle into a swinging little tune. For each free download, the cat-food brand will donate a pound of Meow Mix to the Los Angeles branch of the Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS) charity. Purrfect was rescued by Green last year and has since become a sensation in her own right after appearing on The Voice with her owner. In fact, Purrfect's Facebook page has an impressive 20,000 likes, and she's got 60,000-plus followers on Twitter—more than many of the Voice contestants. It's a smart move for Meow Mix, tapping not only a celebrity musician but a celebrity cat to create the perfect remix.