CBS’s ‘Cane’ campaign tastes like chicken

The campaign for CBS’s new series Cane, about a Florida rum dynasty, has me completely befuddled. First of all, there’s a “flavor-strip” ad somewhere in Rolling Stone that’s supposed to taste like a rum drink. I’ve licked every damn page, and they mostly taste like paper. I went back and reread the Adweek story, which says the strip is “sealed,” which precipitated a 20-minute Listerine gargle and floss. There’s also a related contest to find the next “Duque Rum Girl,” a spokeswoman for the fictional rum brand on the show. Guess I’ve got no chance at winning that; I look OK in a swimsuit, but the talent part trips me up every time. (E.g., I have no idea why one in five Americans can’t find their own country on a world map.) The competition is real, the rum brand isn’t, but both are woven into the storyline of the show. It’s all got my head spinning, unless I just feel faint from licking that magazine.

—Posted by David Gianatasio