CBS making most of dog days of summer

CBS has a new show called Greatest American Dog, which premieres on Thursday night. As part of the promotional push for the program, the network “employed dog walkers in New York who are sporting vests and T-shirts with the show’s logo,” per Adweek. That’s not such a bad gig, and the dog walkers probably don’t make enough money trailing after Fido to afford their own shirts. However, “the dogs are also outfitted appropriately, displaying pertinent information” about the show. That sounds like overkill. Speaking of which, they should have ditched the idea of branded hot-dog stands throughout Manhattan. CBS’s marketing chief attempts to explain: “We’re playing off of the words: ‘So you think you have a hot dog?’ Well, we have ‘hot dogs’ here, too.” You can almost hear his lips smacking. Just keep away from Rover!

—Posted by David Gianatasio