Cats Love iPads as Much as the Next Person


When I opened the e-mail and saw a picture of cats staring at an iPad, I pinched myself. It didn't work. Cats playing games on iPads is a reality. The iPad App Store features a whole host of cat games. There's a wide variety, too. One is called Cat Game; another is called Game for Cat. One is even called Cat Toy! The New England Consulting Group has been studying this curious trend for months, and offers this actual quote: "The success in the app world proves that there truly is a market for pet gaming. If pet owners can be convinced that their pets will stay entertained, and maybe get some exercise, for hours at a time, it will be worth the cost." Seriously? How about just giving the cat a non-virtual toy mouse? That's good exercise. I also hope the creators of these apps are aware that many cats still have their claws. I'd enjoy scratch marks on the screen of my $500 iPad just as much as I'm currently enjoying them on my leather chair. Just a thought from a cat owner.