Cats Appear to Be on Serious Drugs in JWT's Litter Genie Ad

Who's been mainlining the catnip?

If you always suspected that catnip was an herbal hallucinogen, capable of sending your cat on a feline magical mystery tour, you were right. At least, that's the interpretation in this trippy new music video for the Litter Genie poop-disposal system. Set to the tune of "I Haz a Catnip in Mah Head," the star kitty gets stuck in front of a mirror—typical reaction to a head rush—and then travels to a psychedelic land where Alice in Wonderland might live. Off with his toast-shaped head! It's reminiscent of an earlier Friskies spot, which featured another whacked-out kitty adventure featuring dancing turkeys and fish-shaped boats. Shout out to ad creatives: What's up, stoners? The Litter Genie ad, with the refreshing tagline, "I haz no smelly," comes from JWT New York and director Keith Schofield.