Catholic Church Now Advertising for Priests on Billboards

'Those who give all receive even more'

Say what you will about the Catholic Church, but they know opportunity when they see it. The Roman Catholic diocese of Austria has seized upon Europe's economic crisis as a marketing tool, hoping to repopulate its waning flock (the number of declared Catholics in Austria has shrunk by 13 percent since 1960) by peppering the city of St. Poelten with 80 billboards and 300 electric placards advertising a career in the priesthood. The content is pretty simple—photos of clergy and regular working people accompanied by text that says, "Those who give all receive even more"—but given the extremely complex problems currently associated with modern Catholicism, and considering its reputation as an inscrutable and monolithic entity, simple might be the best approach to take. It's worth asking what kind of applicants would be swayed to a life of religious service by a billboard, though.