Catching up with ‘Simpsons Movie’ tie-ins

Simpsons Neatorama has posted a three-video tour of one of the 7-Elevens that’s become a Kiwk-E-Mart. Brandweek says the convenience-store chain is seeing a sales spike as a result of the promotion. Springfield, Vt., won the battle of the Springfields and will host the film’s world premiere on July 21. (One resident says: “There are a lot of people here that make you go, ‘D’oh!’ But people are pleasant. Not Ned Flanders pleasant. I’m sure if someone walks up to you and says, ‘Hey diddledeedoo,’ they might end up as a hunting trophy somewhere.”) Mr. Burns did some blogging for JetBlue but went quiet after Smithers prepared a “colon cleansing” for him. And there’s still time to create your Simpsons avatar.

—Posted by Tim Nudd