Catch me anytime with Dave on Demand!

On-demand services are red-hot right now. I read that on MediaBistro, so it must be true. And my social network for people named Dave and my virtual realm (DaveWorld) haven’t really caught on, so I need a new scam. I mean, gimmick. I mean, media channel. Therefore, I introduce: Dave on Demand! It’s still in the planning stages, but you can count on premium content. Which you’ll pay a premium for. There’s some cool footage of me and my short-lived grunge-rock band the Banned (note clever Beatles/Led Zep-style misspelling!) performing on Brookline Access Television circa 1991. If I ever get that VHS digitized, you can watch me rock out—on demand! I also made an artsy student film at Boston University (go Terriers! Beanpot! Woo-hoo!) that features the same shot of my roommate Nick walking into a room over and over, because I couldn’t work the editing machine. I’ll upload some episodes of Barney Miller to round things out. Especially the one where Wojo wears a dress. That was classic. As for the adult-oriented Dave After Dark programming—let’s just say AdFreak’s other Davids, Kiefaber and Griner, don’t mind working “blue,” but I defy them to find anyone willing to pay for it!

—Posted by David Gianatasio