Cartier None Too Pleased by Vulgar Parody of Its Brand Logo

Fashion house hits back

Surprise! Cartier doesn't like hats that spoof the brand's scripted logo by repurposing it as an insult derived from a slang word for female genitalia. According to the Daily Beast, a Parsons grad student originally made two "Cuntier" beanies as a personal gag because some people at a Cartier store were being mean to his friend. But then he started to produce a handful more because people seemed to think the caps were funny enough to buy. Cartier, ever in touch with reality, responded by sending the student a letter demanding he stop, and thereby proving the original point that Cartier is, of course, not in the least bit stuffy and does not take itself too seriously at all. The baffled student reportedly acquiesced, making him less litigious than the fashion satirists behind other renegade brands like The South Butt and Chewy Vuiton.

@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.