’s Super Bowl Ad Stars a Man and His Excitable Appendage

Guy's 'confidence' grows after visiting site

What can you really say about's 2012 Super Bowl commercial, posted in full below? Created by DDB Chicago, it features a man who has grown a second gleeful head—a large tubular appendage with his own face on the end that's singing a sexy, soulful tune, because he's feeling so "confident" after visiting the selection of cars on the site. The only thing that would make it more suggestive is if it grew out of his abdomen instead of his upper back. It will surely get attention, though. Ad people will see echoes of Richard Grant's character in How to Get Ahead in Advertising. To me, it's a happier though no less weird version of the classic "Second Evil Head" spot for Mike's Hard Iced Tea. There is a charitable component to the campaign. During the game, when the spot airs, viewers who use the Shazam app to tag the ad will earn $1 for one of seven charities in contention for a maximum $100,000 donation from the site.

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