‘Cars’ product tie-ins spreading like fungus

Lest you think the new Pixar/Disney movie, Cars, is a delightful, innocent romp through a land of make-believe, here’s a Web site to remind you it’s a money-making machine whose tie-ins are spreading uncontrollably. The site lists more than 350 official Cars-related products that have been developed in the following categories: toy cars (nearly 70 different products here alone), playsets/racetracks, tents/playhouses, games, crafts/kits, miscellaneous toys, books, electronics, seating/tables, “inflatable,” bedroom, office, wearable, bath, “ride-on,” videogames, audio, baby, miscellaneous, breakfast/snacks, candies/snacks, food/drink containers, flatware/plates and party goods. All that’s missing is a Cars adult incontinence undergarment. Via Jason Kottke.

—Posted by Tim Nudd