Cars Drive Upside Down in Latest Crazy Real-Life Hot Wheels Stunt

Ad agency Mistress oversees another world record

Hot Wheels' current marketing strategy is more or less to make death-defying childhood dreams come true. Last year, the toy-car maker and agency Mistress sent a real-life driver in a real-life car careening down a real-life giant ramp on his way to a record-setting 332-foot jump at the Indianapolis 500. This year, they recreated the brand's iconic double loop rig as a two-car stunt at the X Games. That meant driving real cars upside down, which is, you know, not easy. Sure, this sort of trick has its novelty. But it's still ridiculously insane—probably enough to leave grown men giddy. Next, they'll have to figure out how to safely emulate the toy's classic flight off the kitchen table. Parachute, anyone?