Carnival letting towel animals do the talking

I had no idea that "towel animals" were such a big part of Carnival cruises until this week, when the company unveiled a new Web-video series (running now on and eventually at featuring the glorified dishrags. Thanks, Carnival! The animated critters are pretty darn cute, but the thought of crabs in one's laundry on a lengthy ocean voyage makes me want to take a plane. The campaign, from Arnold, is tagged "Fun for all. All for fun," a credo that includes crustaceans. Ah well, worse fates can befall cruise-ship passengers, and I'm not talking about those nasty bouts of Norovirus that spread from time to time. Perhaps you'll recall a commercial Carnival siren named … Kathy Lee Gifford. If they bring her back, cast all hope overboard and abandon ship!

—Posted by David Gianatasio