Carmichael Lynch Finds Brilliant New Use for 100-Year-Old Water Tower on Its Roof

Canvas for art videos

Minneapolis ad agency Carmichael Lynch turned the century-old water tower on the roof of its building into an art installation. Students from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design contributed video pieces that are (as you'll see in the video) being projected onto the tower throughout April. The projections run in a loop, and the pieces vary in duration and subject matter—some of them wouldn't look out of place as the backdrop for a Butthole Surfers concert, which I mean as a compliment. Best of all, the project is free of any callouts to social media—no Web addresses, no Twitter handles, no "Like us on Facebook!" faux pleasantries. That would have been overkill, since it's pretty obvious who the responsible parties were and how this will reflect on them, and it's nice to leave that crap to the side sometimes and just enjoy some public art.