CarMax discovers quite theatrical creatures!


BooneOakley unleashed its "Dramatically smart" campaign for CarMax via local ad buys during Sunday's Super Bowl, showing various animals reacting with astonishment at the deals offered by the used-car giant. The creatures do look kind of stunned, but perhaps they're just reacting to the agency's decision to reference YouTube's "Dramatic Chipmunk" a full two and a half years after the fact. The prairie dog appears especially flabbergasted, but he was in the original video and probably just looks that way all the time. I think the Boston Terrier just wants to go outside for wee-wees. The agency reports that cats, sheep, an owl and an arctic fox failed to make the cut for the series. If they'd turned loose the fox and owl during the lamb's audition, maybe the wooly thespian wouldn't have behaved quite so sheepishly. Now those mutts from the Subaru spot will know where to pick up cheap used wheels if their SUV konks out.

—Posted by David Gianatasio