Carlton Draught Is Re-Airing This Awesomely Cheesy ’80s Ad to Go With Its ’70s Can

The earnestness goes down smooth

Oh, the 1980s. Such quaint times. The tank tops. The big hair. The now-unsettling sense of enthusiasm. Even though the '80s revival was so 2000s, Carlton Draught is still dusting off a real ad from that decade and airing it again to celebrate the brewer's 150th anniversary.

The vintage commercial doesn't have the overblown magnetism of Australian competitor Hahn SuperDry's mondo-'80s recipe spoof from 2012, or the gold mine of throwback references packed into Delta's '80s-themed flight safety video from January. But it does have authenticity. That is to say, its bad decisions were genuine. So, when the corny jingle rises full of glory, and barflies laugh and cast suggestive glances at each other, the wholeheartedness of it all makes for great rubbernecking.

High-five to Carlton Draught, whose recent advertising has been non-ironically celebrated, for poking fun at its cheesy past. The throwback party also includes bringing back 1970s-era can designs for a limited run. Now all it needs to do is fast-track the '90s nostalgia.

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