Carlton Banks will teach you breakdancing

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air fans will love this infomercial featuring a young Carlton Banks pimping his breakdancing instruction kit. Yes, before he was an impossibly square (in both personality and body shape) prep-school dingus, he was some kind of breakdancing prodigy who just wanted to teach the world how to pop and lock. Which may be a more noble pursuit than whatever he’s doing now, and he dressed better as a kid, too. That red leather jacket is fly. Or is it stupid fresh? I’d better turn on VH1 and make sure my retrocabulary is accurate. UPDATE: David Griner reminds us that Alfonso was the subject of an infamous urban legend in the mid-1980s. The persistent rumor was that he had died while breakdancing for a Michael Jackson video. But rest assured, Alfonso is very much alive and directing episodes of the sitcom All of Us on the CW network.

—Posted by David Kiefaber