Carlsberg Infuses Beer Into New Shaving Products, Just in Time for Movember

Fight cancer while grooming with brew

Earlier this year, Carlsberg launched a line of male grooming products—shampoo, conditioner and body lotion—made with its beer.

Now, the brewer is marking Movember by expanding the series with a shaving gel, aftershave and mustache cream, while encouraging consumers to buy the products to support men's health.

A new video covers the broad strokes of the initiative, including the obligatory testimonials about the benefits of grooming with beer, as well as shots of guys both drinking it and enjoying serious facial-hair pampering.

The clip also scores extra points for the frothy 'staches and cheeky tone.

Seriously though, good luck trying to get your mustache to corkscrew like that without a professional stylist, full production crew and gaggle of scientists.

Each product includes about 200 milliliters of Carlsberg, reduced via freeze-drying and mixed into the formula to create 100-millileter bottles. Proceeds from the sales—the cost in euros is equivalent to about $67 for the set of three—will go to Movember, which raises money for male-focused health issues like the fight against prostate cancer.

Launched in 2003 in Australia, the charity has become a global force with brand partners around the globe.

CP+B Scandinavia created the campaign, titled "Beer'd Beauty" (as well as the original launch, more simply branded "Beer Beauty"). The whole thing is a fun, on-target concept, especially now that it's tied to a good cause. Activations include events with barbershops in London and Copenhagen.

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