Carl's Jr. Hamburger God Smites Earth With Beefy Lightning Bolts

Hamblor cooks up Steakhouse Burgers

Here's the ridiculous new David&Goliath spot for Carl's Jr. and Hardee's new Steakhouse Burgers. It stars "Hamblor," the god of hamburgers, who forges the new sandwiches with his bare hands (sanitary?) and throws them down to Earth along with a rain of onion strings. He also has a concubine of tasting goddesses doing their best food-porny Padma Lakshmi impressions. Here's the best part of the press release: "When we served [the Steakhouse Burgers] to our advertising agency, David&Goliath, for the first time, the creative team said they were so good they 'tasted like they were made by the god of hamburgers,' and that idea ended up being the basis for the advertising campaign." Clearly these guys get their inspiration straight from heaven.