Carling ads toast some great beer decisions

"Does this look like a whore's mouth?" That's the best line from a TV commercial so far this year, and it's served up in the ad above—one of several spots in Taxi Canada's winning "Great Beer Decisions" campaign for Molson Carling. The "whore" bit caught me off guard, uttered by a puritanical house-frau berating her balding, henpecked husband, who simply asked if he can have a beer rather than milk while catching the game on TV. In the spot below, the voiceover tags the hero as a "cheap bastard" for paying his pals just one bottle of Carling each for a hernia-popping day of heavy lifting. This type of humor is par for the course in the category, but the quippy scripts, cartoonish performances and self-deprecating attitude shine. The ads are honest enough to admit that beer-driven decisions usually aren't so great, and reveal the decision makers as schlubs just trying to get by. After all, handing the car-keys to someone sober is probably the only truly good "beer decision" anyone could ever make.

—Posted by David Gianatasio