Caribou Coffee Made It Snow in Minneapolis Last Week for a Cool Iced Coffee Stunt

A wintry introduction for the brand's Caribou Coolers

Snow fell last Friday in Minneapolis, even though the temperature was over 70 degrees.

Of course, it was all just part of an ad campaign.

Caribou Coffee engineered the freaky flakes at around 8:25 p.m. at the Basilica Block Party music festival, which draws about 25,000 fans and this year featured bands such as X Ambassadors and Death Cab for Cutie. Street Factory Media and Legend PR worked the snow machines to promote the new Caribou Coolers blended iced coffee beverages.

At first, we imagine, the spectators were all like … WTF! Snow! In July! That's cra-cra!

Lest they lose their cool, perhaps fearing Mr. Freeze was holding humanity hostage with a climate-control device (or that they'd need Poke snowballs to catch 'em all given the unexpected change in the weather), Caribou passed around samples and graciously played this clip on the Jumbotron:

After that, folks were all like … WTF! Iced coffee in July! That's cra-cra!

Anyway, it was a fun stunt that generated lots of attention for the Caribou brand, though hardly the first time white powder—ahem—got blown around at a rock concert.

(Just say no, people!)