CareerBuilder Can't Quit the Chimps, Its Super Bowl Stars

Apes 'back by popular demand' this year

The Ravens may have choked in the playoffs, but at least I have the CareerBuilder chimpanzees to make the Super Bowl at least mildly interesting for me. Below is a sneak peek at this year's ad, which set them back something like $3.5 million, and that's before hiring someone from the American Humane Association to keep PETA from beating the drum, like they did last year, about showbiz chimps being "stolen from their mothers as babies, threatened and beaten." In any case, CareerBuilder says it pretty much had to bring the chimps back—the company barely had a choice. "The chimpanzees were brought back by popular demand. It's been a very successful campaign that job seekers identify with and act upon," CareerBuilder spokeswoman Jennifer Grasz tells Forbes. So there, it's your fault for liking them. As for the ad itself, made by CareerBuilder's in-house agency, it's as low-content as the previous ones and overly reliant on the crazy monkey antics, but it sure is funny. And as long as they have Go Daddy around to be even more gratuitous and unnecessary, they'll be fine.