Captain Morgan Is Selling a Leg Lamp That’s a Little Different Than A Christmas Story’s

But hurry, they only made five of them

Looking for the most exclusive and absurd gift this holiday season? Let us introduce you to Captain Morgan’s “Leg Up Lamp.”

Clocking in at 40 pounds and standing 4-foot-6, the lamp features two legs crafted into the shape of the iconic Captain Morgan pose. Creepy or funny? You decide! The rum brand is hoping people love it as much as the dad in A Christmas Story loved his leg lamp.

But if you are interested in buying one, you’ll have to move quickly. Captain Morgan made only five of these suckers. They are for sale today only at “We’re not pulling your leg—it’s real, it’s awesome … it’s really awesome. Flip the switch and bask in the glow of the captain’s pose!” the brand says.

Oh, and you’ll have to cough up a whopping $499 for it.

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