Can’t the ‘We’ campaigns all just get along?

My schizophrenic generation, alternately called Gen Y, Echo Boomers, Millennials or Generation Me, might have finally settled on a name for itself. Or at least, it's been given another one: Generation WE. That's the title of Eric Greenberg's new book, and his first promotional video for it, "Generation WE: The Movement Begins" (above), premiered last week and is well on its way to a million views. For a billionaire boomer still enamored with the potential power of youth action, Greenberg puts on a pretty stirring show. Despite the long running time (4:45), the video caused an unexpected stirring of idealism from deep within my cynical heart. Furthermore, Greenberg seems rather invested in this pet project, releasing the entire book for free online and funding a political action site set to drop in early 2009. It's just this "WE" name that gets me. Another rich boomer, Al Gore, has his own "We" campaign, demanding action on the climate crisis, and they're nearing 2 million young recruits. If only they could somehow put aside their differences and join their campaigns together. … But if I know my wealthy boomers, it's always my political action Web site, my book deal, my pet philanthropy project—just me, me, me.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers