Can’t get enough anti-meth advertising

Word of advice if you’re ever screening an anti-meth ad: don’t do it while you’re eating. The good news, if you do, is that it makes the powerful message of these types of ads that much more potent. Anyway, the Chicago Crystal Meth Task Force has produced print and TV about the dangers of crystal meth, in an effort that seems mainly targeted toward the city’s gay population. The best spot in the campaign, which is built around the theme "Crystal Breaks," is the one above, which depicts someone miming the act of finding a vein or snorting the drug to a syncopated beat. As the beat becomes more frenzied, the longer-term effects of the drug begin to appear—scratching off skin until there’s none left, body sores … well, if you’ve seen the campaign sponsored by the Montana Meth Project, you know the drill, but that doesn’t make this work any less impactful. The agency for the campaign is Lapiz. Via Houtlust.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor