Candies Couple Up and Get Cozy in Fallon Campaign

A new jelly candy in the U.K. called Guzzle Puzzle (made by the Natural Confectionary Co.) has quite the Willy Wonka-ish marketing hook. There are five different flavors—cinnamon, lime, orange, banana, and raspberry—but you can also combine three pairs of flavors to make new ones: cinnamon + lime = cola; orange + banana = bubblegum; and raspberry + lime = pink lemonade. The science behind this is probably Farmers-level in its complexity, but the advertising, from Fallon London, is pretty straightforward and amusing. Two comedians, Matt Berry and Rupert Degas, provide the voices of the jelly sweets, who discuss—in often bemused tones—the magical flavor combinations they create when mixed. (Fallon has done talking candy for this client before.) Naturally, there's some sexual innuendo thrown in, given that the candies are being encouraged to couple up. There's also a fun musical spot in the mix. Beginning next week, there will also be a YouTube element, where you can select a musical track (carnival, country, jazz, or rap) and pair it with a vocal (rap, vintage, Spanish, or country) to create a soundtrack for a Guzzle Puzzle ad. Two more spots after the jump.