Candidate’s Ads Say He ‘Gets Shit Done’

I don't live in Dan Adler's district out here in Los Angeles, so I can't vote for the former Disney executive (and "new media pioneer") for Congress. But I can declare his ads to be the some of most insane, jaw-dropping and awesome political spots I've ever seen. Ever. The guy "gets shit done," according to two commercials that feature a smack-talking, basketball-dunking kid (who might be his son) and a bench-pressing Patty Duke with a couple of Speedo-d Muscle Beach guys. Elect this man! His latest ad may or may not land him in hot water, but it should him known far outside the Venice-to-San-Pedro area he hopes to represent. In it, he goes on a quest for minorities to sing his praises and ends up in a "conversation" with a Korean lady at a laundromat. I don't want to spoil the punch line (hint: it involves broken English!), so just watch it below. Michael Eisner, the former Disney top dog, has already endorsed Adler, and Lord of the Rings alum Sean Astin is his campaign manager, but I'd be absolutely amazed if Andy Samberg isn't advising him on his advertising. Remember to vote, people!