Canadians fooled by spoof summer camp

Okutta A new ad campaign in Canada offering grenade, rifle and minefield training for kids 8-12 is a hoax, but confused parents are getting caught in the crossfire anyway. The campaign centers on a fictional summer camp called Camp Okutta, which claims to teach pre-teens the art of war. It’s actually an ad campaign from War Child Canada aimed at raising awareness for child soldiers around the world. But one Toronto woman declared war on the posters upon seeing them on the street. “It just brought up so much anger in me,” says Sarah Heywood. “I immediately thought, ‘Wow, this is real, this is happening.’ ” Heywood decided to meet violence with violence, pulling down the posters, Rambo-like, “until my fingers were actually sore from tearing at the tape and ripping them off.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd