Canadian spots celebrate wonders of bacon

The Republic of Bacon? Isn't that another name for Bavaria? Apparently not, as ad agency John St. gets faux nationalistic and deep fried for the Maple Leaf Bacon brand in several spots (posted below) and an anthem espousing a mythical, crunchy land "where patriots of grease can live and eat in peace." Sounds a bit like Canada, which happens to be the brand's real home country. Spots with deliberately goofy acting show re-closeable bacon enhancing marriage proposals and spa visits, and the Web site features a "Red Light District" with porn-marquee-style legends like "Sizzling Hot" and "Pork! Pork! Pork!" (The companion clip, however, is indeed just a "strip tease" and should be roundly panned—which, in fact, it is.) There doesn't seem to be a healthcare debate in the Republic of Bacon. Citizens eat all the fatty foods they please and take their chances that heart attacks, clogged arteries and morbid obesity will pass them by. Just like the folks in France.

—Posted by David Gianatasio