Can You Rage Like Cage? These German Creatives Built a Site That Will Tell You

Load, scream and find out

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Among Hollywood's few remaining household names, Tom Cruise is famous for acting like a robot, Tom Hanks for doubling as everyone's next-door neighbor, and Nic Cage for freaking the hell out. But can any living human truly reproduce the former Nicolas Coppola's unearthly wail or his uncanny ability to convince viewers that things are not quite right beneath what's left of his hair?

Cage's famously horrifying voice has yet to replace the Wilhelm Scream as the industry's go-to shriek. But a few German creatives recently teamed up to make a site that not-so-scientifically gauges one's ability to match his volume and intensity.

The Nic Cage Rage Page asks, "When push comes to shove, when shit hits the fan, could you do it? Could you Rage Like Cage?"

It's a simple process: Load the page, enable your microphone, and scream like you just learned Donald Trump might actually win this thing.

Creative David Simons (at center in the pic below) came up with the project with help from copywriter Javed Jasani (left), art director Evgeniya Marukhina (right) and developer Igor Terekhov (not pictured).

"I was sitting at my desk one day, and I realized I've always wanted to be able to scream like Nic Cage," Simons tells AdFreak. "Javed said I couldn't do it. Evgeniya said the only way to find out was to measure it. And so the Nic Cage Rage Page was born. With the help of Igor, the development took about two months. We officially launched Monday. We've been really happy that it's gotten the response that it has." 

Most participants score a 5 or 6, and Simons claims "some of our louder ragers have gotten up to 8." But no one has yet been able to truly compete with Cage. "If by any chance you know Nic Cage, we'd love to see what score he'd get," Simons says. 

Sadly, we do not know the star of Moonstruck and Peggy Sue Got Married. And we were only able to achieve a yelp score of 5 out of Cage. But that was still loud enough to startle our comfortably napping dog, who has obviously never watched Ghost Rider, Face/Off or Con Air with the volume all the way up. 

Don't try this at work unless you want to make your colleagues profoundly uncomfortable. In the meantime, here is an unofficial compilation of Mr. Cage "losing his shit" that includes blatant abuse of the F-word. 

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@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.