Can you find the link between Richard Branson in a hot tub and home loans?

Note to Richard Branson: just because a marketing message is meant to be viral doesn’t mean that it has to have shoddy production values. This is not something we are saying out of the blue. Branson is branching out into home loans in Australia via this peculiar video which shows the billionaire in a hot tub, drinking champagne with two young, topless lovelies (one of whom we thought was destined to have a Tara Reid moment (caution … link might be NSFW), but, thankfully, did not). But the sound of the hot tub effectively, well, drowns out the dialogue—such as it is. And, since the link between threesomes in a hot tub and home loans isn’t exactly intuitive (unless, maybe, you are a member of the cast of Big Love), the entire effort is all for naught, except for the the thrill someone might get out of seeing Branson in a hot tub. This story from a blog published by The Sydney Morning Herald, asks, " What other CEO of a major corporation would allow themselves to be filmed sipping champagne in a spa with naked ladies?" Well, actually, we can think of one.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor