Can we get a ‘Truth’ campaign for cheese?

Don’t have a cow, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. You sent a letter yesterday to Federal Trade Commission secretary Donald Clark, asking the FTC to ban ads for cheese and other “junk foods” during kids’ programs. “One serving of cheddar cheese gets a whopping 73 percent of its calories from fat, which is more fat than children would get from a 3 Musketeers candy bar,” you said in a statement. That made me run over to the nearest vending machine, but all it had were M&Ms. The docs equate cheese promotions with cigarette marketing. That might be true for smoked Gouda, but camembert is much more difficult to ignite. You say that banning cheese ads in the U.S. would follow similar restrictions recently enacted in England. Do we really want to take food-related advice from a country that gave us mad cow disease? We might as well mimic the Swiss. Their logic’s always full of holes.

—Posted by David Gianatasio